Holland Cup / Amsterdam Winner show

Holland Cup 9/12/2016

1 excl. Intermediar class CAC-CACIB BEST OF BREED!!!
Judge: Ineke Zwaartman (NL)

Amsterdam Winner 11/12/2016

1 excl. Intermediar class CAC-CACIB BEST OF BREED!!!
And a new title for George:  Amsterdam Winner '16

Crufts qualified for 2017! 

Judge: Roger Barenne (fr)

So, George got in only 1 weekend 3xCAC 2xCACIB 2xBOB!!! 


Int. dogshow Leuven(B)


George was entered today under Gerard Cox from Ireland. 

George"Multi jr. ch CW'16 Marincole You Gotta Love Me"  1 Excl. Intermediar class, after this he became best black male with CAC, best overall male wit CACIB and finaly he got the honour to BEST OF BREED!!

His litter sister "Isa - Marincole Miracle of Love" became BEST BITCH with CAC/CACIB!!!

Well done to the breeder Marion Postmus

Many thanks to the judge who saw the quality of them both.

INT. Dogshow Charleroi 9/10/2016


Last weekend we had a visitor here, Julia and her poodle came from Ukraine to Belgium for the show. We had a very nice time together. 

Thank you Julia for all the tips nd tricks and for sure all the laughs! it was great to have you here.


So on Sunday it was Showtime for our Boy George, he showed hi. self on his very best to 1 Excl. intmediar class, Best Male with CAC/CACIB and icing on the cake he was awarded as BEST OF BREED!!!


Many thank to the judge Nikola Smolic. 

Royal Belgium poodle club 25/09/2016

It was a day to remember.. George and Martin where early in the morning up to drive all the way to Nivelles. 

George made us proud once again. 
He won the intermediar class with excl. later on he won best black male with CAC and was after that awarded as BEST OF BREED!

so we ave to wait for the finals, George shows his socks of for Martin and got a BEST IN SHOW 3th. 
what a boy on such a young age he is owning the ring like he is made for him. 


Judge was breed specialist Marlene Carter from UK.

The words of the judge:
Loved this boy
Good chin
short back
Good neck laid into good shoulders
good feet
Great coat and well presented
Moved with much style and drive

Golden Dog Trophy Liege 24/7/2016


Marincole You Gotta Love me was entered in the intermediar class who he won with 1EXCL, he become best male with CAC/CACIB.


We need to stay by the ring for BOB competition, and George did it again!!! He won BEST OF BREED over a nice entry of dwarf poodles! 

Later that day he went in to the group finals, George was selected by the last 8 out of the huge group 9!!! very proud of this young man ( 17 months) who did so well on that hot weather!! 

Breed judge : well known breed specialist Jean-Francois van Aken (Belgium)
Thanks to group judge: Maja Korosek(SL)

Group 9 specialty from EGCN Club.


George make us soo damn proud today!! 


he won his class and went up to BEST MALE with CAC.. The BOB competition was a brother-Sister party.. it was all in the Family! George got the BOB and CLUBWINNER TITLE!!! so now also qualified for dog of the year show!!


Later that day we need to go back in the ring for the BIS competition.. and well o well.. George went Best Poodle of the show and got the RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!!!! on a age of 16 months!! damn proud!!


Many thanks to the Judge Mr. Hilverda (NL) for the very lovely critics!! 

int. dogshow Uden.


George was again on the road to the Netherlands this time to the show in Uden. 


1 excl. junior class with JCAC and BOB Junior, and later he won reserve best dog with res. CAC!


George had a great time in the junior class, he won always the BOB-junior!! many times selected in the huge BIS junior line up and went 2 times best male and 2 times BEST OF BREED! also he got 2 times the Res. best male.

Dutch Poodle Specialty 


Today was the day of the Dutch poodle specialty, George was for the first time entered in the Intermadiar class. 

He won the class with 1excl. later he become BEST MALE with CAC

Many thanks to breed specialist Stephen Wheeler.


Int. dogshow "De Utrecht" 10/4/16

George was for the first time this year entered in the Netherlands. George is now 14 months young.

Also he won the res. cac behind a Champion and got the full CAC!! 


We are so proud of George, he got all junior titles in his little short show carreer. Now time to whait till he is old enough for the next class. 

Brother and sister on this picture 
Left : Marincole Miracle of Love, with breeder and owner : Marion Postmus.

Right: Marincole You Gotta Love Me with Sebastian. (handler, groomer and owner of our George)

Ambiorix winner Genk 2/4/16


What a day for our young (13 months old) George"Marincole You Gotta Love Me"

1 excl. junior class, JBOB and icing on the cake he took the BEST OF BREED!!!

Also he won the Ambiorix junior winner titel! :)


Again he beat the champion class! 


Many thanks to the judge: Chan Weng Woh from Malasyia!! 

INT. Dogshow Luxembourg 27/3/2016

It was Luxembourg time.. George was enterd in Junior class and he got it..

1 Excl. JCAC- LUXEMBOURGS JUNIOR CH. and Crufts qualified for 2017!!!
as  youngest of the class he did it!! Im soo proud of him! 

Judge: Alain Dumortier ( France )

Int. dogshow Hoogstraten 10/01/2016

We had a great start of the year with our young black Georgy boy! 
He won his class with an Excellent and JCAC also he became JBOB
But he did more, he need to come back for best male and YES he did it!!!
Best male over champion class ( again! )
It was his 3th show in junior class (B) and for 3th time BOB junior. So now he is on his age of 10 months
Belgium Junior Champion!!


In the mainring he shows his little socks off and he was selected by last 6 out of a realy huge junior group ( All breeds)


Many thanks to the judges:

Breedjudge: Hana Crejcova ( IT)

BISJ judge: V. Raamsdonk